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Hey, quick update, I'm alive!
These past few weeks have been hectic but i managed to pull through and heeere i am.
It's Spring, the temperatures are rising, the sun is shining and let's not forget, summer is just around the corner! This year flew by so quickly, i didn't even have time to process what has happened. However i'm sure about one thing. At this point in life, i'm honestly happy. Sound's cheesy but eh, i'm allowed to be cheesy once in a while.
Fyi, Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. Let's be honest, whooo doesn't like the sun? But most importantly, who doesn't like Sun-dresses?! Lol ok that was lame.
Anyway, as you might have guessed, (lol it's on the thumbnail you don't really have to guess) I'm wearing a sundress for today's look!

DSC 0705 Copy

This aint no ordinary sundress though.
As you may have noticed, i never wear maxi or even midi dresses or skirts without heels on. Why? Well there's no specific reason..... and it's definitely not because i'm literally 5 feet and look like a hobbit whenever i try anything like that on.
So personally i avoid wearing anything too long.
However, when i saw this dress i fell in love, and even more so when i saw that it had buttons all over the front. So me being me, i decided to turn it into a cool Spring top.
I added a cool pair of jean shorts underneath and since it's still chilly outside, i paired this with a cool jean jacket. Denim on denim? Don't mind if i do.

DSC 0706 Copy

DSC 0708 Copy

DSC 0712 Copy

DSC 0715 Copy

DSC 0738 Copy

DSC 0746 Copy

DSC 0741 Copy

DSC nn0749 Copy

Item Details
Jacket Topshop
Sundress Topshop
Shoes River Island
Shorts Topshop

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