Fall 101

on Tuesday, 27 September 2016. Posted in Style

Fall 101

Autumn might be the most confusing season of all. It's basically the transition from summer to winter, thus from us wearing nothing but our swimsuits all day long, to us wearing our huge sweaters and fur coats. I never know how many layers to wear and usually end up being too hot, or too cold which obviously leads to me getting sick...uhm which i may or may not be at the moment.
However since it is the end of September, we're still able to wear very few layers or clothes that are not as warm, without freezing our butts off. Which basically translates to "I can still wear my leather jacket".

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Can we also talk about chockers for a second.
This 90's trend is back for good. Designers like Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang incorporated this trend in their new collections. Celebrities are already rocking this 90's trend on the red carpet.

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