Denim Tuesday

on Tuesday, 07 February 2017. Posted in Style

Denim Tuesday

Happy Tuesday guys!
It's the beginning of the week, so i decided to keep it casual. Then i got to thinking, what's better than a pair of jeans? Jeans are comfortable, casual, street. Well the answer is simple. What's better? A denim skirt!
I can finally wear a skirt without freezing my ass off which makes me so happy.
So basically today's look is my new favorite denim skirt, a crop grey hoodie and my PD booties.

DSC 1239 Copy

DSC 1220 Copy

DSC 1248 Copy

DSC 1250 Copy

DSC 1266 Copy

DSC 1283 Copy

DSC 1333 Copy

DSC 1342 Copy

DSC 1153 Copy

DSC 1187 Copy

DSC 1186 CopyXOXO