Cool Girl 1.0

on Friday, 03 March 2017. Posted in Style

Cool Girl 1.0

I haven't been posting much lately, mainly because i had so much work to do (khm, i still kind of do). But i decided to make it up to you today and show you not one, but two cool Topshop looks!
As you all know I love denim. I have a closet full of different jeans. (mainly ripped lol) However there's one new trend that im totally crazy about; and that's Embroidered Jeans.
My personal style is really simple, but also kind of edgy. I always find a way to spice things up and this trend allows you to do just that.

OH i almost forgot. Since this is a personal blog, all my posts are showing pictures of me. Today however I have a partner. Meet Chris, my gorgeous model for the day.

Scroll down for the Pics and the outfit Details.

DSC 1212 Copy

DSC 1235 Copy

DSC 1241 Copy

DSC 1237 Copy

DSC 1527 Copy

DSC 1539 Copy


Knit Sweater: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Coat: Missguided

DSC 1564 Copy

DSC 1563 Copy

DSC 1558 Copy

DSC 1560 Copy

DSC 1566 Copy

DSC 1514 Copy

DSC 1515 Copy

DSC 1577 CopyXoXo RS