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I always knew I would end up doing something related to fashion. When I was younger, I loved to look through magazines. I was looking at the models, the gorgeous clothing on the runways, the glamorous pictures in the articles, and I wished I could be a part of that. Since I started high school, I developed my interest in Fashion further. I started to read more fashion related articles, watch shows and be more aware of the trends of each season, and finally the age of 15, I decided to start my own fashion blog, called Satisfashion. I was so eager to offer my own advice on what to wear and how to wear each trend but also show my own personal style. With the help of my friends and family, I managed to create something that I was and still am very proud of.DSC 1410

Since the creation of my blog, I started to have a more clear idea of what I wanted to study. I loved taking pictures, styling the models, doing their makeup, but also writing the articles, editing the pictures.

DSC 1362

After managing my blog for 3 years, I decided to create something more professional like a website that will offer me more freedom to explore and offer more features to my readers.
I really hope this website will be another thing that I can be proud of.
Much more to come. Stay tuned!