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I'm not gonna lie, i love photoshoots.
I honestly enjoy everything about them. But as much as i love being the ''model'' , i also looove being the one behind the camera. By doing so, i am able to bring my vision to life.
Also, as much fun as i have doing photoshoots on my own, they are always gonna be more fun with more people. Especially when those people are as insane as my friends.

When i decided that i wanted to start my own website, after blogging for about 3 years, i asked Irini and Aegli if they wanted to help me take some pictures that would be used to introduce my new website to the world. They accepted without a second thought. That photoshoot day, is still one of my favorite days ever. That was almost a year ago.

So heeeeey, we're back!

DSC 0654 Copy

DSC 064n3 Copy

DSC 0659 Copy

DSC 0643 Copy

DSC 0667 Copy

DSC 0673 Copy

DSC 0681 Copy

DSC 0684 Copy

Shirt Topshop
Skirt Topshop

DSC 0644 Copy

DSC 0960 Copy

Top Flashback
Skirt H&M
Sandals Shoebox

DSC 0917 Copy

DSC 1001 Copy

DSC 0946 Copy

Top Topshop
Jacket Topshop
Shorts Topshop
Shoes River Island

DSC 0797 Copy

DSC 0804 Copy

DSC 0808 Copy

DSC 0891 Copy

DSC 0895 Copy

DSC 1009 Copy

DSC 0989 Copy

DSC 1004 Copy